First blog post

This is the post excerpt.



My life goal is to run the life of race with excellence.

I want to love well and live well.

I passionately love my Jesus and wish to serve Him with every part of my life.

I love my family and friends and am so thankful for the beautiful people in my life.

I love speaking, I love learning, I love exercise, I love reading and I love new adventures.

This blog will cover toddler tips, Bible truths, snorkeling adventures, book reviews, theology snippets, counselling advice, and the tears and triumphs of a life well lived.

Thanks for journeying along with me. I trust you too will be encouraged to love well and live well with eternity in view.


1000 – years

morning start

What will matter 1000 years from now?

As we seek to teach well. eat well, exercise well, learn well, suffer well, serve well, run well and love well, we need to keep eternity in view.

Knowing how the story ends, gives a new perspective on everything.

This momentary happiness can be enjoyed, although greater, lasting happiness is to come.

This momentary suffering, although painful, can be endured, because it has a purpose.

We can look after our bodies with good eating and regular exercise, yet not be obsessive about it, because one day soon we will have perfect new bodies.

The injustice can be endured patiently, because the day of judgement is coming.

The wrong choice can be forgiven, because we will soon meet the One who has forgiven us much.

1000 years from now we will be with He who created the world, dies for us, loves us and forgives us. We will be in perfect peace, perfect justice and perfect good. It will be a place of joy unspeakable.

I so long for that day.

I can only imagine.

1000 – hours

morning start

What could you do for 1000 hours in a year?

That’s almost 20 hours each week.

One mum aims for her children to play outside for that many hours each year.

They are happier, healthier and more content because of this deliberate choice.


Another mum aims for her toddler and pre-school children to be reading and learning for that many hours each week.

They can sit, focus and concentrate and are more content because of this deliberate choice.


Another mum aims for her children to have new experiences and adventures for that many hours each week.

They are inquisitive, confident and more content because of this deliberate choice.

What could you deliberately choose to do for 1000 hours each week?



1000 – minutes

morning start

What could you intentionally choose to do with 1000 minutes of leisure time each week?

That’s almost 17 hours each week.

What will be the short term result of that choice?

What would be the long term result of that choice?




Social Media.

Bible study.




Learn a new skill.

Paint, draw, write, compose – create.



What will be the short term result of that choice?

What would be the long term result of that choice?




1000 – seconds

morning start

What could you do for 1000 seconds each day that could change your life?

Each day can look the same as the one before.

However, each day is a step towards a destination.

Where are you choosing to head?


It may be a physical goal of health.

It may be to fill your mind with things that are true and good.

It may be a step towards developing and maintaining quality friendships.

It may be the desire to build a solid foundation of Biblical truth.

It may be the conviction to choose holiness over happiness.

It may be to spend a year using your gifts and serving in another city or country.


What can you start today, that will be the first step of many, towards your goal?

Eating an apple, rather than ice-cream for dessert.

Dedicating a few minutes each day to learning about something new or good.

Texting, emailing, phoning or actually meeting a friend, or friend-to-be.

Reading the Bible each day at a set time so it becomes a habit.

Choosing to practically speak the five love languages, rather than pleasing self.

Taking a few minutes each morning to make your lunch, rather than buy it.

What could you do for 1000 seconds each day that could change your life?

Speaking with Kindness



Choosing to frame many of our instructions to our children in a positive manner will reap much fruit.

Rather than commenting on how messy the toy room is, you may encourage your child to work towards making things tidy again.

Rather than focusing on the clothes that haven’t been folded neatly, you may encourage your child to fold the remaining clothes neatly.

Rather than highlighting the loud volume of the voices, you may encourage your child to care for the ears of others by speaking quietly.

Rather than giving attention to the child who is showing bad manners at the table, you may choose to praise the one who is showing good manners.

Rather than rebuking the child for treating the cat unkindly,  you may encourage the child to show kindness.

In this way the child is hearing words that encourage tidiness, neatness, quietness, good manners and kindness.

Hearing these words over and over each day will help elevate the positive virtues you wish to see in the heart of your precious little ones.

Enjoy creating a positive and proactive daily environment for you and your toddler.

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When is enough, enough?

An recent article in a Sunday newspaper stated that

‘The pleasure of prudence comes from spending money on stuff that genuinely brings you joy and investing the rest for your future.

It is a joyful discipline, a sort of frugal hedonism which might mean taking a packed lunch to work each day but taking a month’s leave without pay to go bush walking in the Kimberley.’

Enjoying the simple.

Enjoying less.

Doing without now, to enjoy more later.

Choosing to cull, rather than accumulate.

Enjoying saving.

Enjoying not spending.

Being content.

Enjoying the moment.

Being thankful.

Having a heart of gratefulness for all that you do have.


Living well.