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My life goal is to run the life of race with excellence.

I want to love well and live well.

I passionately love my Jesus and wish to serve Him with every part of my life.

I love my family and friends and am so thankful for the beautiful people in my life.

I love speaking, I love learning, I love exercise, I love reading and I love new adventures.

This blog will cover toddler tips, Bible truths, snorkeling adventures, book reviews, theology snippets, counselling advice, and the tears and triumphs of a life well lived.

Thanks for journeying along with me. I trust you too will be encouraged to love well and live well with eternity in view.


Speaking with Kindness



Choosing to frame many of our instructions to our children in a positive manner will reap much fruit.

Rather than commenting on how messy the toy room is, you may encourage your child to work towards making things tidy again.

Rather than focusing on the clothes that haven’t been folded neatly, you may encourage your child to fold the remaining clothes neatly.

Rather than highlighting the loud volume of the voices, you may encourage your child to care for the ears of others by speaking quietly.

Rather than giving attention to the child who is showing bad manners at the table, you may choose to praise the one who is showing good manners.

Rather than rebuking the child for treating the cat unkindly,  you may encourage the child to show kindness.

In this way the child is hearing words that encourage tidiness, neatness, quietness, good manners and kindness.

Hearing these words over and over each day will help elevate the positive virtues you wish to see in the heart of your precious little ones.

Enjoy creating a positive and proactive daily environment for you and your toddler.

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When is enough, enough?

An recent article in a Sunday newspaper stated that

‘The pleasure of prudence comes from spending money on stuff that genuinely brings you joy and investing the rest for your future.

It is a joyful discipline, a sort of frugal hedonism which might mean taking a packed lunch to work each day but taking a month’s leave without pay to go bush walking in the Kimberley.’

Enjoying the simple.

Enjoying less.

Doing without now, to enjoy more later.

Choosing to cull, rather than accumulate.

Enjoying saving.

Enjoying not spending.

Being content.

Enjoying the moment.

Being thankful.

Having a heart of gratefulness for all that you do have.


Living well.



Toddler to Teen – Equip

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Toddler to Teen Book

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Some books will tell you just to endure problem behaviours,

others tell you how to react to each one as they appear.


My hope is that this book, TODDLER to TEEN,

will help you understand the root of these problems

so you can be a positive and pro-active parent.


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Toddler to Teen Book Intro

I love toddlers. They melt my heart. They are fully immersed in the moment with not a care about what went before or what comes next. They are busy and inquisitive. They are learning words and phrases each day and they love so freely. They are a delight.

happy girl - book cover option
I have been speaking about and answering questions about toddlers for over 20 years now. Parents love their children and want to parent them well. This book has combined a revised version of Terrific Toddlers and Terrific Toddlers Two into one book.
Each chapter has additional sections on how that concept applies to school age years and then to the teenage years. Scattered throughout the book are testimonies from real families who have reaped the fruit of that early training in the later years. It also contains the valuable addition of a chapter on cyber parenting in this digital age.
My prayer is that you will be convicted about the importance of parenting. To train little hearts up in the right way is a high calling. It takes commitment, sacrifice, and oh, so much time. It is frustrating, challenging and exhausting. It is also satisfying, rewarding and exhilarating. I trust that this little book will help you to help them live well and love well.


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Fun is fun


Fun is fun!
Do you have fun with your kids each week?
In the busyness of usual everyday activities, fun does need to be planned.
Some families have Friday Fun day with a special meal and movie night.
Some families have a fun spot each weekend with a morning or afternoon blocked out for a local adventure.
Some families focus on holiday fun where they move further afield and enjoy new experiences in new locations.
Have some fun this coming week.
Enjoy making this a regular part of each week.
Fun is fun!


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